Sally Willms, Sydney Wedding Photographer

About me

Hi I’m Sally and I'm passionate about connecting through the art of photography. After recently working overseas I decided to start my own photography brand in Sydney, striving to create the most unforgettable wedding experience for every bride and groom.


I know first-hand that getting married can be stressful. Believe me, I’ve done it twice... thankfully to the same man!
At NEW LEVEL PHOTOGRAPHY our vision is to provide a new level of service behind the photography, taking the stress away from you and your fiance.

In the lead up to the wedding, my team and I will support you with your plans and help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. On the day we will ensure that you can just relax and take in every moment knowing that all of your expectations are being fulfilled.


I love what I do and the reason is really quite simple. I don’t just take photos, I capture defining moments. Just like a good book that you can't put down, a story can be told through the emotion captured photos. My craft is to capture your story so that each memory can be re-lived forever.